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  • A great cutlery option for those with arthritis or limited wrist mobility or hand grip strength

    Newstead Cutlery features ergonomic, flexible, moulded plastic handles designed to adapt to the user’s grip. With a comfortable rounded shape, it fits naturally into the palm and is ideal for people with arthritis, neurological impairments and other conditions that cause poor grip. All pieces, made of stainless steel and containing no latex, are dishwasher safe.

    Range of Options:

    Four versions of cutlery, depending on needs, standard cutlery, angled cutlery, weighted cutlery, and one-handed cutlery.

    Standard cutlery set includes a knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon.

    • Angled cutlery features angled heads to help individuals with limited wrist or arm movement. The fork and spoon are at 40° angles, available as left or right-hand options and may be bent to adjust the angle. The angled knife can be used for cutting without cocking the wrist.

    • Weighted cutlery features standard cutlery heads but with a heavier handle, which helps reduce tremors to reduce spills. 

    • One-handed cutlery makes dining with one hand easier for people with limited hand movement after a stroke, amputees and others who need to eat with one hand. 


Code Description Weight  
Standard Cutlery      
PAT-091097872 Newstead Cutlery Set Set 320g / 80g per utensil  
Angled Cutlery      
PAT-091097880 Right-handed Fork 80 g  
PAT-091097898 Right-handed Spoon 80 g  
PAT-091097906 Left-handed Fork 80 g  
PAT-091097914 Left-handed Spoon 80 g  
PAT-091097922 Angled Knife 80 g  
Weighted Cutlery      
PAT-091097989 Weighted Cutlery Set 520 g  
One-handed Cutlery      
PAT-091097997 Splayed Fork 80 g  
PAT-091098003 Nelson Knife 80 g