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  • Standard Multi Opener 

    The standard multi-opener can be used to open pressure-sealed caps, resalable twist-off bottle caps, ring pull cans and jar lids. The wrench-style plastic opener has an ergonomic handle enabling the user to open and remove caps, ring pulls or lids easily and safely. It is ideal for people with a limited grip.

    Overall Size: 205mm x 50mm x 42mm
    Weight: 67g
    Material: PC + Stainless Steel


    • To open a pressure-sealed cap, hold the bottle tightly. Lock the cap inside of the oval ring and lift the handle upwards to open. The oval-designed ring embedded with a stainless steel ring helps to lock on the metal cap tightly.
    • To open a resalable twist-off bottle cap, place the opener around the cap and turn anticlockwise sharply to open.
    • To open a ring pull can, slip the curved hook tip under the ring pull and by the principal of lever press the handle downward to open.
    • To open a jar lid, place the hook which located under the oval ring on the underside of the rim of the lid and lift the handle gently upwards until the vacuum seal is broken. The jar should now be easy to twist open.


    • Household dishwasher safe up to 70°C.
    • Periodically inspect for wear and damage.
    • If any fault occurs, please contact the supplier from whom you purchased it as soon as possible.

    The standard multi opener is designed for minimum maintenance. It can be cleaned with a household dishwasher under 70°C.

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