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  • The soft sock aid is to compensate for a disability by helping a person to put on socks or stockings without unnecessary bending at the waist or hips. It is ideal for people with a weak grip. Terry cloth outer covering keeps socks and stockings secure and can be bent to fit any size of socks or stockings.


    • Sit on a firm surface and place feet on the floor.
    • Bring the two side edges of the flexible-plastic soft sock aid toward each other to form an open-sided tube.
    • Gather the leg of the sock and stocking up to the toe, keeping the thumbs inside the garment.
    • Line up the heel of the garment with the outside curvature of the soft sock aid and pull the Garment over the end of the soft sock aid.


    • Continue pulling the garment onto the soft sock aid until it is entirely on the soft sock aid. Be sure that the soft sock aid is firmly into the toe of the garment and that the top of the garment does not extend past the edge of the sock aid where the cord is attached.
    • Continue holding the cords, one on each side of the leg, while lowering the soft sock aid to the floor in front of the foot. Be sure the heel of the garment is down.
    • Keeping the heel of the foot firmly on the floor, slip the soft sock aid over the foot until the toes reach the toe of the garment. Wiggling the toes may help the garment move onto the foot. Do not pull the soft sock aid onto the foot with the cords at this stage.
    • Lift the heel from the floor, straighten the knee, and point the toes. Pull the cords to bring the soft sock aid over the heel and up the back of calf.
    • Continue to pull the cords until the soft sock aid release from the garment.
    • Cotton straps can be adjusted by cutting or knotting.


    Do not clean the soft sock aid with a washing machine.
    Periodically inspect for wear and damage.
    If any fault occurs, please contact the supplier from whom you purchased it as soon as possible.
    The soft sock aid is designed for minimum maintenance. It can be wiped clean with a cloth.

Code Length Weight  Material
PC-10339  230 mm  88 g PP(board)+Nylon(front cover)+Terry Cloth (back cover)+Cotton(straps) 


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